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Making Franklin come alive!

Rondo Hatton and Franklin from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre together? Yep.

Allen Danziger, Jerry from the original Chain Saw film, saw Paul Smith's excellent work recreating Rondo in Rondo and Bob--our film about Chain Saw art director Robert Burns' obsession with Hatton--and asked Paul to bring Franklin back to life.

The grand unveiling was at Allen's 80th birthday party at the original Chain Saw house in Kingsland, TX.

For Rondo and Bob, Paul created a series of masks made specifically for Joseph Middleton and Kelsey Pribilski, who played Rondo Hatton and Mae Hatton. It was a fascinating process that went through many different stages. The Rondo mask you see here is just one of many used in the film. We bring it out to show fans.

Franklin lives!

Paul Smith and Allen Danziger

Rondo, Allen, and Ed Neal with that darn Franklin and scary, scary Leatherface.

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